Update from the Medical Office

As part of keeping the public informed with the various aspects of WAC, the club's Public Relations office has paid a visit to the team's medical office and prepared the following report:

* KARNASS Mehdi: Doctor RAHALI Aladine's recovery plan is well underway. The player is in muscle-strengthening phase, and continues training in the club's weight room.

* FALL Mourtada: Still in the six-week mandatory rest-period after which he'll resume training as prescribed by the medical staff.

* ARAB Naim: Will undergo a new CAT scan as mandated by the doctor in order for the medical staff to assess his recovery progress and determine his eligibility date to return to training.

* HASSOUNI Aymane: Still in a period of rest as prescribed by the medical staff after the accident he was involved in. He continues to recover and his heath continues to improve.